Sitting. Waiting. Okay, a little bored. How to be productive? Creative? I decided I could write catch-up notes to friends – without texting, without tablet, just using good old-fashioned eye-hand movement. The postcards I’d design would be about the words, the ones we may want to say but don’t. The reminders to ourselves. They could be sent as is or popped into an envelope. It would be a different kind of communication – with thoughts that reflected grace, gravity and great good humor.

Using my poetry/sayings/conversation-starters as cover-art, would be a fun way to stay in touch. And so the words; validating, empowering, comforting, moments from real life, became the company, plainjane-cards.

Nicki Turano (Director of Sales and Marketing) and I have been friends for more than twenty years. We met as social workers in a hospital-based unit for victims of violent crimes. And both of us haven’t forgotten the art of putting pen to paper, nor the pleasure of receiving mail.

We hope you enjoy sending and collecting plainjane-cards.

Our Best,

Jane Seskin and Nicki Turano