why plainjane?

Because plainjane is a unique, focused, authentic form of communication.

You can use plainjane-cards to carry a message, to place-set a table, to put in a gift bag, on a night table, tucked in a briefcase, for comfort, for fun, for conversation, commiseration, contemplation, invitation, exclamation, meditation, celebration. Oh yes!

We think plainjane-cards will make you feel better!

What people have said:

“I think you’re living in my head.”

“Your poems decorate my fridge. Thanks.”

“I’ve got ‘TAKE ACTION‘ on the back of my front door so I see it every time I leave my house.”

BREASTS make me laugh and accept myself.”

“I read ‘LESSONS‘ every morning with my coffee.”

TravelGirl magazine in STUFF WE LOVE asks:

“Why not send some attitude through the mail? Full of cheer, wit and inspiration, plainjane-cards are great to hang on a bulletin board or mail to a friend.”