about the cards

what I was thinking:

A friend who saw the postcards asked me about the process. What was going on when the words came? What was I thinking or trying to convey? A few thoughts about inspiration and decision-making.

THANK YOU was created because I wanted an over-the-top way to appreciate a friend or colleague. Thank you for being there; for that great dinner; for sharing the travel information; for being alive and in my life.

DARKNESS was written for a specific friend whose husband died. I so badly wanted to do something for her, to make it OK (It would/could never be OK!). The poem suggests the longing – but understands that each person must find their own level of comfort. I would send this card to anyone grieving a loss.

THE PLEDGE card states: allegiance/respect for yourself must come before allegiance/respect for others. This is a daily assertion/mantra.

APPLAUSE! is given to anyone who has gone above and beyond; a friend’s triumph, a waiter’s good service, a child’s soccer team.

TAKE TIME reminds me to stay present and to appreciate what is.

LET’S TALK is an invitation to conversation. It can also say “I’m missing you.”

LESSONS are sound-bites from a 30 year career as a psychotherapist; a short course in self-care.